The Librarian

Not much progress on Taking the Field these last couple of weeks as I’ve been focused on the other part of my role – Cataloguing Assistant (far more exciting than it sounds).  I started this role back in March, basically what I’ve had to do it sort, box and catalogue thousands and thousands of cricket annuals, yearbooks, match programmes etc.  I’ve found lots of interesting things along the way and have spent many happy weeks crawling around in a narrow windowless storage corridor.

my home for about 6 months.

Physically the library collection is in pretty good order now (thanks to me!) so now I’m on to the more desk based task of cataloguing and indexing etc.

The reason for this project (aside from the pure joy of having a beautifully catalogued collection) is that we hope to have our catalogue on-line early next year.  Until you can search for yourself I intend to start picking out some of my favourite things and telling you about them here.  Look out for my first item next week, but for now I’d better get back to my Rodley CC digital story.


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