What’s wrong with this picture?

Alan, Andrew, My All time Hero, Robert, Pete

Alan, Andrew, My All time Hero, Robert, Keith

It’s a nice picture.  You might well say “there’s nothing wrong with it”.  But look a little closer.  See anything missing? Yes!  You’ve got it! ME! Where am I?  My all time hero comes for a tour of Lord’s, has a photo taken with my colleagues in the Long Room and I’m nowhere in sight.

The answer is that I was dying of the flu, of all the rotten luck!

...meanwhile.  Should I try photoshopping this into the picture above?

…meanwhile. Should I try photoshopping this into the picture above?

I’d really been looking forward to my last week at Lord’s before Christmas.  I knew Strauss was coming in on Tuesday, Christmas party on Friday and I had some great ideas for my week before Christmas blogging (including Zoe’s top five cricketers of the year and a tribute to Diana Rait Kerr, the first Lord’s curator and one of the first lady members, who passed away last week), instead I’m afraid I’m going to use this blog to moan about my misfortune!

My misery was tempered ever so slightly by this lovely signed photo that Lord’s photography manager Claire Skinner got for me – but overall it’s still been a rubbish week!

strauss scan 1



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3 responses to “What’s wrong with this picture?

  1. Will Bird

    Poor Zoe! You look sooooo cross in that picture. I’m sure lord’s can wangle some visit for Straussy to your library soon!

  2. Liz

    Awful….hope you are feeling better now Zoe!

    • Not too bad thanks Liz. Set my recovery back a little by doing all my Christmas shopping of Oxford Street on Friday evening! Wasn’t really up to it but was too scared to leave it any later and risk a ‘Jingle All the Way’ experience on Christmas Eve.

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