Pretty pictures of Lord’s

Here are some lovely pictures taken by Alan , who braved the cold so I didn’t have to.  Thanks Alan.

media centre in snow

Other than the excitement of the snow it’s been a standard week at Lord’s – done lots of interesting enquiries though – someone wanted to know about the sparrow killed by a cricket ball (which can been seen stuffed in the Lord’s museum along with the killer ball).  Another wanted to know about the balloon flight that took off from the second Lord’s ground in 1802.  There was a query about baseball being played at Lord’s, one on the history of cricket in Japan, one about the American Indian encampment that was set up at Lord’s in the 19th century!  So I’ve had lots to keep me busy.

pavilion square in snow

On top of all my enquiries I’ve been working on a really moving story from Rodley CC on Taking the Field.  I don’t want to tell you too much about it as it will spoil the surprise.  But keep an eye out for in on it should be ready in a day or so and is my favourite story out of all I’ve worked on so far (although terribly sad).

roller in snow

pavilion in snow

Not much else to report this week as we’ve been mega busy as we’re missing staff due to sickness.  I think the stress began to bite mid-week when there was a serious team bust up relating to cakes – a contentious issue in any work place.  Voices were raised and cruel words uttered, but we were all friends again by the end of the week

grand stand in snow

Hopefully my sick colleague will be well again next week, I’ve enjoyed dealing with enquiries but cataloguing seems to give me more opportunity to find interesting little articles to share on my blog.

close up pavilion in snow

Hope none of you are snowed in anywhere!

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