So what do I have to say about legs?  Cricket legs/legs of cricketers/legs through time?

I have very little to say.  I am home alone, sick (again!) Utterly isolated from the inspiration of my cricket archive and library.  Yet I want to reach out to the world through my blog, to feel that I am still a part of this world – but can think of very little to say.  Then trawling through the photos on my laptop I found the legs, I took the picture some time ago from an 1897 Cricket Annual and saved it for a future blog.  I was waiting to find an appropriate context to use it in, perhaps a piece on the changing physic of sportsmen for example, but I have neither the resources nor energy for such an article so am just giving you – A Study in Legs – standing alone without context or explanation.  Enjoy!

This is the third time I’ve been off this month with a cold/flu type ailment.  I’m utterly miserable and hope you all feel very sorry for me.  One of the worst things about all this is that I can’t even claim it’s anything more serious, I spent about an hour googling my symptoms using different words and phrases, but it all just kept coming back to ‘the common cold’.

I will try to be brave and hope to be back next week with a more interesting blog.

Here's a picture of me looking revolting, it case any of you doubted how sick I am.

Here’s a picture of me looking revolting, it case any of you doubted how sick I am.


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