Recognise this?


Where is this?

MCC needs you!  (Well, your help recognising this picture any way).

My colleagues in the archive are busy sorting and cataloguing Estates Department files from the 1930s to the 60s.  The Estates Department deals with the grounds and properties of Lord’s and Alan was going through a wonderful box of material relating to the care of pitches and the construction of artificial pitches.  Among some photos of grounds staff testing out various rollers on the nursery ground he found the picture above, it’s not Lord’s so where is it?  Can any of you help?  The sanity of the archiving team may depend on it!



Baffled and confused – they need your help!

If anyone can help us please send me a message.



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2 responses to “Recognise this?

  1. Michael Smedley

    The cricket ground in the Mystery picture is Trent Bridge – long before the new stands were built and with the wonderful scoreboard in the background which was for years the best in the world [except perhaps for Melbourne CG]. Hot sure why all the turf has been dug up ! Very interesting articles you have written – don’t know how you find time for the ‘day job’! I found this through a link from Alex Britten who seems, like me, to be a Notts supporter. His article about the IPL and the greedy b******s that run it was, I think, excellent and hit the nail right on the head – or the ball in the middle of the bat

    • Thanks Michael. I’ll have a look at Alex’s article, I don’t think I’ve seen that one yet.

      (Hope you won’t hate me if I admit that writing the blog is part of my ‘day job’!)

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