Too cold for cricket.

Beautiful but cold.

Beautiful but cold.

Looks nice enough for a game today but it’s absolutely freezing.  Some guys have been out in the outdoor nets today too, bet they were shivering.

According to the weather forecast it’s currently 7 degrees Celsius outside which is exactly the same temperature recorded for the coldest weather a test match has ever been played in.  You only have to go back to Leeds 2007 for this test, England v West Indies.  I remember it well, I was there (although luckily not on the coldest day) and it was yucky and cold.

That was test cricket, but I bet clubs and counties have played in worse weather.  Let me know if you can think of any examples.

Getting the pitch ready for a match?

Getting the pitch ready for a match?



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4 responses to “Too cold for cricket.

  1. They play cricket in Greenland, and I’m sure I’ve suffered through games in 7 degrees weather in New Zealand. If its dry, get out and play. There are so many interruptions to cricket already through rain, don’t let cold stop you.

  2. Yeah Greenland must be pretty cold and someone sent me an article about cricket in Newfoundland which sounds like a fairly extreme place to play

  3. Sybil Ryalls

    I can’t imagine playing cricket in the snow, although the ball wouldn’t need changing for a different colour, like a golf ball, as it would show up! The spectators in Newfoundland must surely have been sitting behind glass!

  4. Durham. April. Cold…

    Although perversely, the coldest place I’ve ever played was right at the other end of the country in Plymouth, at the top of Staddiscombe cliffs. That sea breeze, my cold hands, and a mass of hardened leather slapped hard to me at point. No thanks!

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