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Two against eleven

Found a lovely brochure for an interesting match in 1936

1936 players

The match was played to celebrate and replicate a match played in September 1834 when Edward Wenman and Richard Mills, who both played for Kent, went up against 11 Isle of Oxney players for the high stake of £20 in what was described at the time as a “manly exercise”.  It’s said that 4,000 spectators came out to watch, even though the match was played in a “very marshy and thinly populated district”, lots of cash was placed in bets with most backing the 2 to be victorious against the 11.

original 2

The ‘Benenden 2’ batted first and made a partnership of 150 before Edward Wenman was bowled by a D.Nere for 65.  The situation meant that just one wicket had to fall for there innings to be over, it would have been quite an anti-climax for the 4,000 had either of them gone for a duck!  But as the match report says they took care with their wickets and “guarded them with as scrupulous care as a sacred relic would have been by monks of old.”

So next they took to the field, with one man bowling and the other presumably covering all fielding positions!  They bowled Oxney all out for a paltry 55 with ‘extras’ as top scorer on 22 (not bad with only one fielder to stop byes).  In their second innings the 2 scored a more modest 48 with Mills caught on 29, this left Oxney to chase 144 for victory.  They made just 77 with extras top scoring again.  The crowd were delighted and match report verdict “we must say that these two scientific players have achieved a triumph that will never be forgotten by those who beheld it”

Unfortunately I don’t have the same detail of the replica match result, I know that the 11 were all out for 153 in the first innings and the 2 replied with 186, but I don’t know how the match ended, if anyone does please get in touch!  I do know that Ashdown was the only first class cricketer to play cricket before World War I and after World War II (he came out of retirement at 48 in 1947 for one final match), but that’s all I had time to find out.

Incomplete scorecard from the 1936 match.  Can any of you fill the gaps for me?

Incomplete scorecard from the 1936 match. Can any of you fill the gaps for me?

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