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Makes it all worth while.

It’s been a bloody hard week this week for Taking the Field!  Basically the website has been flooded with spam and I’ve been working like mad to get rid of it.  This was especially important as I was at a conference trying to promote TTF on Monday and didn’t want my new fans to see a site full of tacky adverts!  I’m working on the problem and the site administrator is going to put in some new spam filters but it’s not a 100% sorted so if you are on http://www.takingthefield.com/ please ignore the spam and certainly do not encourage them by buying any of their bargain bedspreads or cut price designer shoes (although they did seem to be offering some very good deals)

On a more positive note Spondon CC came down for a tour of Lord’s on Friday.  It was great to meet them and put faces to voices.

Thankfully the librarianship side of my role has been going well this week.  Had a lovely little task to do today.  A teenage boy was trying to find a photo of his Great-Grandfather who he thought had played cricket but he didn’t know any details.  I found the basics about the guy on cricinfo http://www.espncricinfo.com/ci/content/player/18323.html but not much except that he’d played for Warwickshire in the 1940s and 50s, there was no trace of him on our catalogue.  BUT using my remarkable research skills I was able to go to the box of Warwickshire annuals (county boxes arranged alphabetically) and then rifled around the annuals for that period (annuals arrange in strict chronological order within each box).

I found some great pictures and was able to add his name to our catalogue and link it to those annuals, so if in the future his Great-Great-Great-Grandchild wants the info the futuristic robot librarian should be able to go straight there!

Ord batting in 1948

It’s things like this that make me realise all that work was worth while, all those dark days (literally) in the windowless corridor asking myself – is it necessary to put annuals in chronological order? Why am I doing this?  How much longer is this going to take?  Why am I here?  What’s the point of it all?

All those questions were answered today by a little boy’s smile.

(I’m guessing he was smiling, we communicated via e-mail – he better have been smiling after all that bloody work!)

Ord top right at an event during his benefit year 1951.

Ord bottom row centre, captaining the team 1955.

Portrait to mark his retirement 1956.

Better leave these more pleasant tasks and get back to my spam deleting – wish me luck!


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